Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild Spirit…Dancing ~ how the Wild Things! came to be...

Seeking refuge for my health, I moved to Gabriola Island
in the fall of 2004.
In the quiet of winter I finally heard what my body
had been desperately trying to tell me for a very long while ~
that it was time to let my life be what it wanted and needed to be…

I knew inherently that I would heal through my creativity.

Too ill to work as an Intuitive, too tired to write, or paint,
I returned to my one constant throughout the years…fabric art.

As the figures began to emerge,
each and every one of them was dancing…

Caught up in this dance was the spirit of friends & strangers alike ~
clothing was kept aside at our recycling centre,
friends sent packages of threads, beads, charms, and yarn scraps,
neighbours unearthed old earrings,
my mother sent broken jewellry pieces from Ireland,
people at get-togethers raided their closets,
and a wonderful graphic artist friend designed my labels.

Everything was either recycled or donated…
~ Heartfelt thanks to everyone ~

These figures came together in the spirit of healing,
are inspired by the spirit of Gabriola, and celebrate that
Inside each and every one of us,
there is still a Wild Spirit

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